Skills and Vision - RhondaVision Photography- Rhonda DePalma


Please allow me to introduce my skills and background that  provide exemplary service and beautiful imagery for my clients. A true “pro” should not only make the client feel confident in their choice of photographer, but should also be dedicated to their craft and experienced with providing professional services. It’s much more than simply “taking a picture” or having a "great camera".  I believe the work that I provide is an artistic vision with applied skills. I was born with the Vision, however I have worked very hard in learning and honing my photographic abilities to become a true “pro”. A true professional never stops learning. I have filled my education repertoire with research of countless instructional books, studies of the Masters, numerous skill enhancing courses and research on the business of photography. I know my camera and it’s settings like the back of my hand (Sony alpha DSLR).  I utilize pro-grade equipment, and software/programs .  I have been hired and successfully produced numerous photo assignments for satisfied clientele over the course of the past 9 years, including Family Portraits, Student Portraits, Pregnancy Portraits, Pet Portraits, Weddings, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Business/ Product Promotion and Real Estate. I was commissioned three years in a row by Hosanna Early Learning Center in Littleton, to provide the pre school with student/class photos. In addition, I take great pride in my success with fine art photography sales and exhibitions on Fine Art America and View Bug. I choose to focus on the landscapes and natural wonder of Colorado, as well as travel abroad, street photography and abstract pieces that I usually create in my own studio. My Fine Art work has been displayed at the Tri Lakes Center for the Arts Gallery in the quaint art community of Monument, CO for a Solo Exhibition Show. During the first part of 2014, I was a Staff Photographer/Intern with Denver’s, working with editors and creating published event, food and fashion galleries. I consistently enter photography contests. My work has been published and recognized by esteemed peers. I maintain a relationship with Denver’s amazing Birdseed Artists’ Collective. Considering all of the above, rest assured that you have reached out to a passionate “pro” and photography aficionado, not just a hobbyist.


Photography is more than a picture or simple two dimensional image. It is the extension of a vision. RhondaVision Photography is more than a photography agency. It is a kinetic vision of myself, Rhonda DePalma, that has no familiarity with conventional boundaries. Creating art is a calling that is, for the most part, primal. It can be appreciated by fine art aficionados, as well as everyday people. Photographic art is beyond what can be showcased in a gallery. Photographic art is essential in advertising, preserving memories, building confidence and opening eyes to a brighter, sometimes more alternative perspective of our lives and our world. Photography attracts attention, where and when it is needed most, on demand or by happenstance. It is with great excitement that I offer to you my creative abilities in the realm of the photographic arts. I am first an artist and second a business woman. After eight years of creating a stunning portfolio and building a solid foundation of experience, I have reached the time to present my skills and abilities to a broader audience. Driven by passion and excitement for my craft, I know I will be a dynamic addition to any creative project or artistic assignment you may have, whether it be for a personal matter or in a business setting. Against all odds, my determination has yielded personal success in photography with tangible accomplishments. My goal oriented creativity will benefit potential clientele in the area of personal, business, music or gallery-style promotions, by providing unyielding client satisfaction. I am sure there are a multitude of ways that I can compliment you, your agency or organization with any photographically based artistic needs you may have at this time, or in the near future. Some of my strongest attributes are as follows: * Composing & crafting fine images while capturing unique perspectives of any subject * Post production,editing & refinement of images for artistic flair & mood * Interacting with subjects to create a comfortable atmosphere * Insightfully anticipate the needs of a client in a personal or business environment * Eagerly absorb, learn & implement new instructional technique * Appreciate & consider personal preference of a client while incorporating my own vision to the setting * Willingness to expose myself and my equipment to fresh and unexplored areas